Tips for Finding the Best Baby Swing

A baby swing can be a Mom or Dad’s best friend at times. A baby swing can calm a fussy baby, lull an over tired baby to sleep or give frazzled parents a few minutes break to grab a bite to eat or get a few chores done nearby.

Tips for Baby Swing Shopping

When you begin shopping for the best baby swing to suit your Baby there are certainly a lot of choices out there. And although there are so many different ones to choose from they can all be classified as either full sized baby swings or portable baby swings. Some parents, when shopping for the best baby swing actually end up purchasing one of each type as a portable baby swing can come in very handy as well.

The best full sized baby swings accommodate babies from birth until they are 25 to 30 pounds in weight. They typically consist of a sturdy seat suspended by a pair of arms attached to a frame with wide-standing, tubular-metal legs. A portable baby swing on the other hand sits lower to the ground and are lightweight and designed to carried from room to room or stored in the car.

Safety is of course of the utmost importance when shopping for the best baby swing. A good baby swing has at least a three point harness restraint and in many cases a five point harness is an even better choice.

When it comes to actual features what the typical baby swing might be able to do will vary a great deal. Some baby swings are wind up models, some are battery powered. Some have as many as eight different speeds while others have all kinds of extra toys, lights and sounds. Which you choose is of course a very personal decision but here are just a few of out favorites to give you a little shopping inspiration:

Fisher Price Zoo Baby SwingBest Baby Swing – Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Spacesaver Swing and Seat – This ultra cute baby swing is one of the most compact on the market and is certainly very portable and versatile. The swing mechanism has six different speed settings and the swing can be stabilized so that it can also be used as a conventicle infant seat. The attached toy bar is removable and the swing has easy carry handles for extra portability. The sing runs on 4 C sized batteries and one D sized battery and is designed for use by babies from birth to 27-30 lbs.

Bright Starts Baby SwingBest Baby Swing – Bright Starts Kashmir Ingenuity Full Size Swing – This is not the smallest baby swing on the market by any stretch of the imagination and is not very portable but it does boast a host of features that will keep any Baby happy and amused. It boasts six different swing speeds and can be set to swing from side to side as well as back and forth. There is toy tray that features two stuffed friends for Baby to play with as well as a detachable hanging mobile.

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