The Best Baby Carriers – Which one is Right for You?

As modern parents it is hard to imagine what life before baby carriers was like. People actually had to carry those not so little bundles of joy around in their arms all the time, making getting much of anything else done very hard. These days every parent has a baby carrier but there are a number of different styles available now and what makes the best baby carriers choice often depends on your own individual “carrying style” rather than the options of everyone else.

Basic Baby Carrier Types – As you hunt for the best baby carriers you will quickly realize that although there are dozens of different ones available these days they can all be slotted into one of several basic types.

Front carriers are best for newborns because they provide the best head support and as baby gets older these carriers can be reversed and Baby can face outwards to better see the world around her. Some people do get confused by all the straps and buckles many front carry baby carriers have though and an improperly secured baby carrier is a dangerous thing so make sure you understand how to put the baby carrier on before you buy it.

When it comes to this kind of carrier there are lots of good models out there but it is hard to beat the original Baby Bjorn carrier because it is so easy to get on and off and is simply so durable. It is a little more expensive than some other models but the extra investment is probably well worth making for something you are probably going to use everyday for months.

As Baby gets older and can hold their head up the best baby carriers options expand. Many parents – ladies especially – love the convenience of sling style baby carriers. The hip sit position is a very natural one and it does relieve some of the pressure on your shoulders as a front carry baby carrier can get very heavy very quickly once baby starts to grow. You do have to shop carefully though to make sure that the sling you are choosing can actually hold your baby’s weight.

Lucky Baby Slings make a number of different versions that are variations on the same basic theme and these slings are the best baby carriers in some Moms eyes because they are stylish as well as safe!

The other basic option available when it comes to the best baby carriers is the backpack style baby carrier. These are great for older babies and preferred by a lot of the Dads we know as they are a little more “manly” than some other baby carrier options. Ergo some great back carry baby carriers that offer a lot of function and can accommodate children of up to around 2 years old and are very reasonably priced for the quality and durability they offer.

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