The Best Baby Books for Great Bed Time Storytimes

Even in an age of computers and interactive learning toys there is still no substitute sometimes for just settling down in a quiet spot with your baby and reading them a story. Even the youngest babies tend to be calmed by the sound of your voice and if you think back there are usually one or two books we can all remember from our early toddler years that we know we had been listening to since birth. Here are some of our picks for best baby books, books that are colorful, fun to read and memorable enough that your child may still be able to recite parts of them in years to come in much the same way as we can recite most of “Goodnight Moon”!

Best Baby Books – Lamaze Cloth Books – All that younger babies really want to do with most books is chew them, so cloth books are always a good idea! The Lamaze Collection of Cloth Books are absolutely delightful and great for interacting at story time with babies of all ages. For example the Peek a Boo Forest book is bright and colorful and filled with hidden animals for babies to find as the story progresses. As you might expect from Lamaze these books are designed to educate as much as they entertain and the fact that they cost less than most hardcover books means it is easy to build up a whole collection of them.

Best Baby Books – Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? A Lift-the-Flap Book – This is another great book that makes babies and toddlers laugh as they learn although it might make bedtime a little rowdier than you might like. As you read through the book you and Baby are on the hunt for all of the book baby’s body parts which are hidden under bubbles, clothes, hats, teddy bears and all can be revealed when Baby lifts up a flap.

This book is a part of a series too, and as they are also very affordable it is well worth collecting them all as well.

Best Baby Books – Good Night Moon Board Book (and Bunny) – We had to include it! Goodnight moon as written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd was first published in 1947 and is probably the best known baby book in the world and still loved by the babies and toddlers of the 21st century, wherever they live in the world. In France it is “Bonsoir Lune” and in Spain it is “ Buenas Noches Luna” but wherever you are the simple sweet story remains the same. We love this set because not only does it come with the beautiful colorful board book version of the book we remember being photographed chewing on as a child but a replica of the bunny too, something we can only wish we’d had!

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