Gotham Nights – Creating a Batman Toddler Bed

Batman (occasionally assisted by his young friend Robin) has been protecting the citizens of Gotham from the likes of The Joker and Penguin for decades now. He has been played on screen by the likes of Adam West, George Clooney, Val Kilmer and most recently Christian Bale and has been a favorite for comic book fans of all ages for longer than we care to remember.

Together with Superman and Spiderman, Bruce Wayne’s dark alter ego is probably one of the most recognizable superheroes there is. So should your toddler make a request for a Batman toddler bed it would really not be that surprising.  You can also find a Spiderman toddler bed along with other superhero toddler beds if your toddler so desires, but the Dark Knight is the real draw for many kids.

Creating a Batman Toddler Bed

Despite his continuing popularity amongst fans of all ages, actual Batman toddler beds are hard to come by and those that are out there could not be construed as the most inexpensive things. We did come across a really cool Batman toddler bed that is a very detailed replica of the Batmobile, right down to the license plate. Unfortunately it also cost over a thousand dollars so would not be an option for many parents looking for a Batman toddler bed.

There are though a great many Batman toddler bed sets that can be used to give a “regular” toddler bed that Gotham look though. Many of these sets cost less than $30 and are available in a number of stores both on and offline.

Creating a Batman Toddler Bedroom

If your child is a real fan of the Caped Crusader and his assorted friends and foes, why just stop at the Batman toddler bed, why not create a whole Batman themed toddler bedroom? A Batman themed room may have a much longer “lifespan” than many other toddler bedroom themes, which children can grow out of very quickly, because we even know of adults who still have Batman in their bedroom!

Most of the Batman toddler bedding sets have matching curtains, valances and rugs available to make creating a Batman themed bedroom quick, easy and relatively affordable. And for those who are handy with a sewing machine or a needle and thread, most fabric stores carry at least one offering that features Batman and his world so that you can create your own, or make a few Batman themed throw cushions or chair covers.

The Fathead line of stick on wall murals also offer a line of Batman fatheads. Fatheads, if you have never seen them are life size representations of a number of different characters, both real and fictional that are designed so that an instant mural can be created in the bedroom.

Official Batman Fatheads are a little pricey though , they retail for between $60 and $70, but there are less expensive versions available on sites like Amazon and Ebay that cost considerably less but that still look very striking. For example, we found a Roomates brand Batman “Gotham Guardian” peel and stick wall sticker for just $21.99 on Amazon that looked just as good as the pricier alternatives.

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