The Best Babysitting Games to Amuse Kids of All Ages

Many young people still turn to babysitting as a way to make a little extra money and an increasing number of older adults as well. If you are considering getting into babysitting in order to be the favorite babysitter that kids love and Moms and Dads keep calling it helps to have a few babysitting games up your sleeve to keep your charges amused. Here are a few simple babysitting game ideas to get you started:

Indoor Babysitting Games

If letting your charges let off a little steam by running around outside is not an option there are still plenty of fun and easy to set up babysitting games you can play with them to keep them occupied. For instance what kid does not love the idea of making a fort (we’re sure you did it as a kid, we did) Make this a really creative activity though by encouraging your young charges to come up with a true fort, complete with fort name flag and at least two rooms to occupy.

A scavenger hunt is always a popular indoor activity as well. The complexity of the clues you give to the children to help them find the hidden treasure will vary according to their age but this is one of those fun babysitting games that even toddlers will enjoy.

If you have a penchant for the performing arts (or just like strutting your stuff) helping the kids put on their own show off some kind is another fun babysitting game that even you will enjoy. It does not really matter what kind of show it is – dancing, singing, even a simple magic show – as long as all the kids you are taking care of can participate and no one ends up feeling left out.

Since often times baby sitters are called in to care for kids in the evening you might also need to have one or two quieter, winding down type babysitting games in mind to prepare your charges for the fact that, yes, it really is time to go to sleep.

An oldie but a goodie that can be played at bedtime is Eye Spy. Of course your charges will be delighted because since this babysitting game is being played in their own bedroom they will have a distinct advantage. Eye Spy is a game you can even play with children who can’t quite spell yet as you can always switch out the letter clues for some that reference certain colors and shapes.

Computer Babysitting Games

If your charges are tween-age girls chances are that they already know their way around a computer pretty well. There are a lot of free babysitting games on line that you can play with girls that let them find out for themselves how tough a babysitter’s job can really be. If you need help finding such babysitting games for girls try the free flash offerings at sites like and Not only do these sites offer a number of fun babysitting games but they also have dress up games and virtual pet games as well.

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