Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas you May Have Overlooked

A baby shower is a great way for moms (and dads) to be to have one last big celebration with friends and family before the new baby arrives. It is also, for many couples and families an opportunity to get a bit of a helping hand towards getting everything they need to be well prepared for the new baby’s imminent arrival.

But what if you have no idea what you should be giving as a gift to help the new parents out? Here are some great baby shower gift ideas and tips:

Don’t be Afraid to Ask What is Needed

Some parents to be go as far as preparing a list of the baby items they are wishing for and distributing it to those attending the shower and there are those who even create registries at stores like Babies R Us and Target, which is a real help for those guests who are really at a loss for good baby shower gift ideas.

Not all parents to be are so forward though, or the shower might be being arranged as a surprise so you may have to actually ask the new Mom and Dad what they really need to avoid duplicating someone else’s gift.

Be Creative

Money is tight for many of us these days and you may simply not be able to afford that $100 stroller or expensive crib set. There are plenty of other baby shower gift ideas you could consider though that won’t cost you very much more than a little bit of your time and will be every bit as appreciated by the new parents.

For instance the chaos that reigns when a new baby first comes home means that very often the rest of the family stops eating those nutritious dinners they used to have time to prepare and start living off fast food and TV dinners instead.

One of the best baby shower gift ideas I ever heard was a group of friends and relatives of the parents to be banding together to set up a cooking rota. At the baby shower they promised their services as caterers, with each of them planning to take turns bringing the new family a delicious home cooked meal every day that could simply be reheated when they got the time to eat.

The same kind of principle can be applied to cleaning, babysitting and even help with the grocery shopping. One of the things that new parents lack the most is any time for themselves and you are likely to find that these kinds of baby shower gift ideas will be even more welcomed by the new Mom and Dad than that stroller would have been anyway.

Don’t Forget Mom and Dad

Another thoughtful baby shower gift idea is to take along a gift that is just for Mom and Dad as well. It does not have to be huge, maybe a nice gift basket full of bath luxuries for Mom and a DVD for Dad. Babies get a lot of gifts and a lot of attention so Mom and Dad will really appreciate that you gave a though to them as well.

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