Creating Great Baby Photo Albums Both On and Off Line

Parents have been taking pictures of their children (and in most cases lots of them) since cameras were first invented. These days, thanks to the advent of digital cameras, it is easy to capture image after image very day without having to worry about wasting (or running out of ) film. In the digital age it is also even easier than ever before to share baby photo albums with family and friends, whether they live down the street or halfway across the globe.

Today’s parents have the option of both creating physical “real paper” baby photo albums or storing and sharing baby photo albums online. Here are just a few ideas for creating great baby photo albums of both kinds that are attractive, affordable and a great way to preserve those precious images for years.

Digital Baby Photo Albums – There are a great many places online where you can create baby photo albums quickly and then share them in an instant. If you have a Gmail account you can take advantage of the photo storage option that comes attached to your Gmail account and upload a huge number of images for free and then share them with anyone who has an email address.

If you download Google’s free Picassa software the process is even easier, as you can transfer images directly from your camera to your computer, use the free image editing tools to correct any flaws or add special effects, and then upload entire Picassa based baby photo albums to you account with a single mouse-click.

If you want to go beyond basic online baby photo albums to share news and pictures about a new addition to the family you could create your own baby blog. Both WordPress and Blogger (another Google offering) allow people to create a number of free blogs that are hosted free and have lots of great tools for quickly and easily creating a baby blog in almost any way you like.

Traditional Baby Photo Albums – In theory if you store your baby photo albums online in the “cloud” they should remain there indefinably but even in the digital age having real printed copies of your baby’s pictures to store in baby photo albums is still a great idea.

There are a number of great photo developing sites online that let you order prints at a very low cost. Once you upload your pictures to their website you can edit them until they meet your standards and then order as many copies, in as many different sizes, as you like.

One of the neat things about sites like Snapfish and Shutterfly is that they offer a way to create whole baby photo albums – complete with great graphic design elements and text – from the comfort of your own computer that are then printed up and mailed to your home.

Then there are old fashioned baby photo albums. Whether you buy one from a dollar store (most dollars stores do carry a great selection of blank photo albums) or a specially designed baby photo album from a store these kinds of baby photo albums still make great keepsakes.

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