Are Baby Monitors with Camera Models a Good Buy?

Most parents would be lost without their baby monitor – but the baby monitors available these days are far more sophisticated than ever before – and baby monitors with camera options are growing in popularity every day.

These newer video capable baby monitors offer more than just a way to listen to what your child is up to while you are in a different room but to actually keep an eye on them as well – literally. Here are a few of our favorite baby monitors with camera models that offer increased peace of mind for parents while being great value for money:

Quiet Sounds Handheld Color Video Baby Monitor with CameraQuiet Sounds Handheld Color Video Baby Monitor – This is a small but rather advanced baby monitor with camera that is perfect for nursery use. It has a great range, thanks in part to the fact that it has a channel seeker that finds the best possible signal and is very lightweight and easy to carry around the house with you while going about your various daily tasks.

This model differs from many baby monitors with camera options in that it has a night vision mode, allowing parents and caregivers to monitor their charge even when they are sleeping in a darkened nursery. This baby monitor is powered by a rechargeable battery that comes included with the initial purchase.

Levana Video Baby Monitor with CameraLevana BABYVIEW20 Interference-Free Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Night Light Lullaby Camera -  If you want a baby monitor with camera that comes with a lot of extras but is still very reasonably priced this model is well worth considering. The camera itself is small and easy to set up in Baby’s room and as an added bonus it can also be set to play gentle lullabies to help soothe cranky babies to sleep.

The receiver unit is small and lightweight but the screen, and the clarity of the image, is excellent. This is another baby monitor with camera model that boasts “night vision” and it has a rather neat power saving feature that will turn the screen off but reactivate it immediately if Baby makes a sound or a sudden move. That feature can however be disabled if you would prefer for the monitor to be active at all times.

MobiCam Video Baby Monitor with CameraMobiCam Audio Video Baby Monitoring System – This small and compact video baby monitor has a larger display screen than many of the other similar offerings, measuring a full two inches. There is also an Internet Kit included in the initial offering which allows you to monitor your child securely via an Internet site – great for parents who are at work but still want to be able to check up on their little one.

The only downside about this particular baby monitor with camera is that it uses regular batteries, not a rechargeable, which could get a little expensive, unless you purchase a set of rechargeable batteries yourself.

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