Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Baby Jogging Stroller

For the parent who likes to run or jog to keep in shape purchasing a baby jogging stroller can be an appealing way to still stay in shape while keeping Baby close. There are always certain precautions that any jogger should take but there are even more if you are running with a baby jogging stroller. Here are  a few tips that will make running with a baby jogging stroller easier, safer, and more comfortable for both you and your child.

Wait Until Baby is Old Enough – Although many baby jogging strollers are designed to be as comfortable and safe as possible using one with a baby who is too young to hold up there own head properly is not really that safe unless you have a car seat adapter on it as well.

Lock That Front Wheel – Different baby jogging strollers have different wheel mechanisms. Some baby jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel, while some others  have a system that allows the user to lock and unlock the front wheel as necessary. When actually jogging with the stroller it is safest to keep the front wheel locked, as by doing so you will minimize the risk that the stroller will take a sudden turn.

Use Baby Jogging Stroller Harnesses Properly – A good baby jogging stroller has a good harness system to make sure that Baby stays in the stroller safely when it is in motion. But even the best restraint is only effective when is utilized properly. Take the extra minute or so to ensure that Baby is properly strapped in every time you use your baby jogging stroller.

Protect Baby from the Elements – You are likely to warm up pretty fast when out jogging but the same will not hold true for Baby. If it’s rather cold or windy, you may want to use some kind of  weather shield for your baby jogging stroller . On warmer  days, ensure that Baby  is not overdressed and that they are wearing sunscreen. If weather conditions are more extreme than usual – very hot or very cold – it is probably better to leave your child home that day and take your jog alone.

Pick Your Route Wisely – Using your baby jogging stroller anywhere near traffic is not a good idea. Head instead to the local park, bike track or other communal open space instead.

Be Prepared – Most baby jogging strollers have an ample sized basket underneath for supply storage. When heading out for a jog with Baby don’t forget to pack a few diapers, baby wipes, water (for you) formula or juice for your child  and a small toy or colorful book to entertain your child as you run.

Schedule Runs Wisely – Before naptime might be a good time to head out with your baby jogging stroller, the movement will often put Baby right to sleep. Taking a hungry child jogging is not a good idea though as you are unlikely to get very far before they really start getting upset and cranky.

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