Should You Consider Buying a Baby Heartbeat Monitor?

The decision whether or not to use a baby heart beat monitor during a pregnancy is a purely personal one. Some parents love the idea of this extra connection with their unborn child, getting to hear their little heartbeats on a regular basis long before they ever meet them.

Baby heartbeat monitors for home use have been around for several years now and the newest models are easier to use and cheaper than their predecessors. Ease of use is very important because some parents using baby heartbeat monitors have worked themselves in a panic because they could not hear the baby’s heartbeat when using their monitors.

Problem was that there was nothing wrong with Baby, just the way parents were using their baby heartbeat monitor. The last thing any woman needs during her pregnancy is extra stress so if you are not sure you will be able to use the baby heartbeat monitor you are looking at easily consider choosing a different model, or nix the idea altogether.

Baby Heartbeat MonitorIf you are looking for an affordable baby heartbeat monitor to purchase then the Graco Prenatal Listener might be ideal. This is an easy to use and relatively inexpensive baby heartbeat monitor. It does not come with all the bells and whistles that some of the other models do but as a home version of the fetal heartbeat monitor that is used in doctors offices it does a great job.

Should You Rent or Buy a Baby Heartbeat Monitor?

New parents have an awful lot of expenses to cover both before and after their new baby arrives so buying a baby heartbeat monitor outright may be a purchase that is a little out of their budget. A baby heart monitor does have a short window of usefulness so renting one is a sensible alternative.

There are a number of websites where parents can go to order a rental baby heartbeat monitor from the comfort of their own home. The advantage of doing so is that sites like offer higher end baby heartbeat monitors for rent at reasonable prices.

Understanding a Baby’s Heartbeat

Listening to your unborn child’s heartbeat can indeed be a great bonding experience for all but it can also be a rather scary one. An unborn child’s average heart rate is very different to that of a child or an adult so understanding what is “normal” can avoid a lot of panic. Taking the time to discuss the issue with your OB GYN, so they can explain just what a fetal heartbeat should sound like can be a big help.

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