How to Make Your Own Baby Headbands for Less

Like the current trend for finishing  baby girls’ outfits with cute baby headbands but can’t quite justify paying up to $20 (or more) for a single hair accessory, however cute it is? Baby headbands are in fact not all that difficult to make yourself, even if your previous sewing or crafting experience is minimal (or nonexistent) . Better still,  each baby headband  you make will be completely unique, no one else at daycare will have one quite the same.

Here’s how easily its done:

What You Will Need to Make Your Own Baby Headbands

Basic supplies:

Good, strong elastic (it comes in many colors) at least a half inch wide
Sharp needle and thread
Fabric glue, or better still a hot glue gun
Ribbon or long thin strips of another material (in any color or pattern you like)
Embellishments (beads, crystals, little silk flowers)
A cigarette lighter (yes, really)

How Much Elastic Do I Need to Make Baby Headbands?

The following is a basic guide,always measure baby’s head for complete accuracy:
12 inch elastic for each newborn baby headband
15 inch elastic for baby headbands for girls between four and twelve months old
17 inches for baby headbands for girls from one to three years of age.

Putting it all Together

Take  the two right sides of the elastic you have measured out  and use the cigarette lighter  to carefully create a seal. This makes stitching easier later on and prevents fraying when the band is being worn.

Next, carefully sew the ends of the elastic together, making sure that the “shiny” side of the elastic is on the inside. Double stitch if you want to make sure that the finished baby headband won’t break easily (babies love to tug on things.)

Some crafters prefer to use a velcro snap rather than actually sewing the ends of the elastic together but this does mean that Baby will be able to pull off the headband fairly easily.

With these tasks completed, carefully run a thin line of glue along the elastic and attach your material or ribbon. Work slowly and carefully to make sure there will be  no unsightly lumps and bumps once the glue dries.

Now you have the basic baby headband the real  fun begins, as you can decorate it however you like. Make sure that any embellishments you choose to add are securely affixed before Baby wears the band though, as small objects and a curious baby’s hands are not always the best mix.

Great Places to find Craft Supplies to Make Baby Headbands

By making your own baby girl headbands you can decorate them however you want, and usually at the cost of just a few dollars. Her are some great places to find craft supplies to create some very special, one off baby headbands:

AC Moore – AC Moore have stores all over the country and by shopping there you can find all the supplies you need under one roof. Keep an eye out for coupons in the paper before you shop though, the store is known for the great discount coupons it offers once every couple of weeks that can usually be used on almost any item in the store.

Michaels – Another national craft supply store that offers a great many crafting materials in the same place. – A great online craft supply store we happened across that has a huge selection of craft supplies of all kinds. Their shipping charges are very reasonable and they carry items that we did not find anywhere else.

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