How to Get Baby Hair Accesories For Less

Even if they do not even have a great deal of hair yet, which is of course the case for many infant girls, most parents like to dress them up a little with baby hair accessories. Once their hair does start to grow – and when it does it tends to grow quickly – baby hair accessories become useful for keeping Baby as neat and tidy as possible as well as letting her sport that extra cute and stylish touch.

If you are even a slightly crafty person you can save yourself an awful lot of money (as well as may be have a little fun) making your own infant hair accessories instead of buying them in the stores. The other big advantage of doing so is that you can personalize almost most anyway you like to create baby hair accessories that are unique to your baby girl. Here are some simple ideas for creating your own hair accessories for babies right in the comfort of your own home:

Ribbon Baby Headband.

One of the most popular baby hair accessories is the baby headband. To make a simple ribbon headband you will need:

-A soft tape measure
-1/4 yard of the ribbon of your choice
-Velcro strip
-Hot glue and a glue gun

Take the tape measure and loosely measure the circumference of your little girl’s head, then cut the ribbon about 1 inch longer than the measurement you come up with. Using your hot glue gun, attach one piece of Velcro to the inside of one end of the ribbon, and attach the matching Velcro piece to the outside of the other end of the ribbon. As a final touch you can hot glue on almost any lightweight decoration you like. This all literally takes only about ten minutes and you could make baby accessories for every day for just a few dollars.

Baby Barrettes

Another useful kind of baby hair accessories are baby barrettes. Although you will have to buy plain barrettes or clippies from the store you can use you glue gun and your imagination to create almost any look you want.
If you buy “double bar” barrettes and have nimble fingers you can braid thin ribbon between the barrette’s bars, which can create a very professional looking baby hair accessory as well.

Buying Baby Hair Accessories in Bulk

Gerber Daisy Baby Hair AccessoriesIf all of this crafty stuff is not exactly your forte another way to save on hair accessories for baby girls is to buy them in bulk. Offerings like the Gerber Daisy baby hair accessories set gives you an awful lot of great baby hair accessories for not a lot of money, something you might really appreciate when you realize that your little angel has lost yet another baby barrette, something they are rather prone to doing.

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