Great Baby Girl Toys That Offer Fun and Early Learning

There are of course thousands of different baby girl toys out there, but the best of them tend to be the ones that can not only grow with Baby a little but offer some educational value as well, even to the youngest of tots. Safety is also very important and something that parents are very aware of right now given the amount of recent toy recalls. We went shopping at some well known national stores and found some baby girl toys that meet all those criteria perfectly:

Walmart – Walmart, as you might expect carries a wide range of little girl toys for children from 0-12 months and beyond. For very young baby girls we really liked the Fisher Price 2 in 1 Precious Planet crib mobile. It features a number of bright and colorful jungle animal friends who, when the mobile is turned on “dance” and twirl in time with a light show that would be as fascinating to watching adults as it is to babies. At just $17.99 it is also quite a steal, especially since as baby grows, the armature of the mobile can be removed, and the base remains as a soothing projection music box.

For older baby girls the Bright Starts Blooming Baby Blocks are a great fun and educational choice for those looking for toddler girl toys. Each pink and pastel colored soft block features a unique play activity. Baby can explore everything from 3-D features to fun jingle and crinkle sounds. Best of all they are just $10.00 for a set of four and should keep babies amused for hours.

Target – Target also carries a wide range of great baby girl toys, some of them exclusive to the store. Foe younger baby girls (under 6 months) the Start Your Senses Sensory Giraffe is an inexpensive toy that should keep them happy for hours. This colorful plush giraffe is easy for little fingers to grasp and he makes all kinds of different noises and features a number of different textures for babies to discover and at just $8.99 he is a real steal.

For baby girls 6 months and up the Friendly Toys Little Playzone may turn out to be a parents best friend. This playpen style play yard is sturdy enough to support babies just learning to pull themselves up or those just starting to walk and features all kinds of fun built in activities that should keep them amused for quite a while. It retails for $99.99 but should be a useful nursery accessory as well as baby girl toy for quite a while.

Sears – Most of the baby girl toys available at Sears definitely have an educational bent. We loved the Bounce and Spin Froggy Chair. It is a  baby bouncer (always a useful thing to have) that features a “dashboard” full of fun activity toys including a a bat-a-toy bar, a tetherered chick with a jingle ball, a teether toy, a mirror, sliding ladybug, and fun rollerballs that light up and play music when Baby presses or rolls them. Considering all that it comes with the $64.99 is quite a steal for such an entertaining baby girl toy.

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