Should You Buy a Baby Food Processor?

Homemade baby food is a growing trend these days as parents become more concerned about what additives might or might not be in processed baby foods and concern that the way processed foods are prepared takes away a lot of the nutritious vitamins and minerals that the ingredients originally contained. Making your own baby food is time consuming stuff though which is why many of the parents who make the decision to take the home made baby food route purchase a baby food processor to speed and streamline things a little.

Baby food processors come in many different shapes and sizes these days and they range from the very simple to rather complex. Here though is a little bit about some of the most popular baby food processor models available right now:

Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker – This is one of the more complex baby food processors available but it is also a big seller. Part of the reason for its popularity is probably that it does so much. It can steam, blend, defrost and warms and can cook most meats and vegetables in less than 15 minutes and blend them right away. Another big part of the appeal is that it minimizes the mess and clean up time versus using separate blenders, saucepans and measuring utensils, something that busy parents appreciate. The Beaba Babycook food maker could not be called cheap but most people who buy one think it ends up being worth every penny.

Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker -  This is another higher end baby food processor that almost does it all. It chops, it steams, it purees, defrosts and warms. It is another very good option but it is not as compact as the Beaba Babycook so there is a little more clean up required but on the whole those who own one feel this a great baby food processor that makes making homemade baby food a little easier.

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet -  This is basically the baby version of the “As Seen on TV” Magic Bullet puree machine. Once food has been steamed/cooked it goes into the Baby Bullet blender and is pureed in seconds. Parents love this set because in part of the extras it comes with. Included in the basic set are baby food storage jars, a sippy cup and pop out freezer molds, all of which make preparing and storing a larger quantity of homemade baby food easier.

Of course to make your own homemade baby food you do not need to purchase a special baby food processor at all and often parents have all the tools they need in their kitchen already. A regular blender will do just as good a job of pureeing the food and steaming the food in a saucepan is old fashioned but cheaper. The real draw of a baby food processor is convenience but that is a big consideration when as busy parents you have so much else to do.

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