Using a Baby Food Grinder to Create Great Home Made Baby Food

There are a number of parents these days having serious second thoughts about feeding their children food from those little jars you see in the grocery stores. Apart from concerns about artificial ingredients some parents decide to switch to making their own baby food with the help of a baby food grinder simply because they actually tasted the jar stuff and realized just how awful it actually tasted.

Homemade Baby Food Basics – A baby food grinder mill is a convenient way to turn suitable home cooked meals for Baby into food of their right texture for their little tummies. But you do need to take the time to educate yourself about the best way to cook the foods you will add to your baby food grinder as well as the right kind of age appropriate and healthy ingredients to choose in the first place.

When it comes to cooking most ingredients before putting them into your baby food grinder most experts say that wherever possible steaming the foods is the best possible option. Steaming preserves more of the great vitamins and minerals in the food, one of the big reasons most parents choose to make their own baby food in the first place. If you must boil the food use as little water as possible to minimize nutrient loss.

When babies are just beginning to eat solid food you should introduce one ingredient at a time. This will allow you to watch for any adverse reaction he or she might have to a certain food. Great first foods that can be prepared with a baby food grinder include:

Sweet potatoes
Winter squash
Green beans
Brown Rice

Once Baby has got used to a variety of single ingredients and most of them seem to be agreeing with her (and you have weeded out the ones she hates) you can begin using your baby food grinder to create mixed ingredient meals that a little more interesting for Baby’s budding palette but still very good for her. Here are some great combinations to consider:

Sweet potatoes and apples
Brown rice and banana
Pears and acorn squash
Green beans and barley
Green beans, barley, and carrots
Bananas and kiwi
Oatmeal and peaches
Apple and pumpkin
Avocado and banana
Avocado and brown rice

Buying a Baby Food Grinder – When purchasing a baby food grinder – which is also often called a baby food mill in product descriptions – parents do have the choice between a manually, hand operated baby food grinder or an electronic version. As you might expect a manually operated Munchkin Baby Food Grinder will be less expensive but it will take more time and more elbow grease to create your home made baby food than if you opt for a pricier Electric Food Mill. It really is a personal choice though as both kinds of baby food grinder are usually as good as one another when it comes to the actual finished product – healthy, tasty home made baby food that parents can feel good about serving to their child.

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