Understanding Baby Crib Sets Dangers

When shopping for baby crib sets and other bedding items and preparing the nursery for a new arrival many parents are very concerned about the way things look and the safety of the baby crib sets and accessories is not always of the highest priority. That however should be a major concern as using the wrong items of bedding that may be contained in a baby crib set can prove dangerous – if not fatal – to a young baby.

Baby Crib Sets Dangers.

SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – is the term for the tragic and horrifying sudden and usually unexpected and inexplicable death of a child under the age of one. Sadly on average 9 US babies fall victim to SIDS every day. This figure, as awful as it is, has actually decreased over the last several years. While the various causes for SIDS death are still hard to understand even for the medical profession certain recommendations about the way babies are put to sleep and what is used in the crib with them seems to have helped reduce the cases of SIDS reported every year by almost 50%.

Even if parents follow their pediatrician’s recommendations and put their babies to sleep on their backs, not their tummies, the items of bedding they might have got as a part of a cute baby crib set can actually be dangerous in themselves.

For example, many baby crib sets come with soft, decorative pillows. As cute as these are, they should never be placed in an infants crib as they pose a serious suffocation danger. In fact mosts doctors recommend that babies do not have a pillow at all to minimize the suffocation risk as much as possible.

Many doctors also recommend that for younger babies those cute comforters be kept out of the crib as well and that a warm sleeping suit or sleep sack be used instead.

One final element of most baby crib sets that some doctors worry about are crib bumpers. Although they do provide protection against injuries that might be sustained by banging into crib bars they are also very soft and may pose a suffocation danger. Some medical professionals advise against their use altogether, while others say they are OK to use as long as they fit snuggly against the crib and there are no loose ties.

The Right Baby Crib Sets

After reading all of this, it may seem that there is little use buying a baby crib set at all. However, it is perfectly fine to purchase one and it does help pull the whole nursery look together perfectly. There is no harm in keeping the nursery looking great by putting the comforter in the crib when Baby is not sleeping there, just remember to take it out when she is.

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