Making a Baby Supplies List? Don’t Forget to Add Baby Car Seat Covers

Baby car seats are just another of those must haves that parents have to have ready and waiting before baby arrives, as the hospital won’t even let Mom and Baby leave until they are satisfied that you have one (and that you know how to use it.) Once in use though babies’ car seat seats tend to get pretty messy – diaper leak accidents, formula and food spills, sticky baby handprints. This is why purchasing  baby car seat covers is an investment most parents will find is well worth making.

Why Buy Baby Car Seat Covers?

Why do you have a seat cover on the driver’s seat in your car? To protect the upholstery, to make the seat a little more comfortable and to add a little visual appeal to your car’s interior right? All of these things apply to baby car seats as well. A good car seat is not cheap so keeping it looking as nice as possible is always a good idea and some baby car seat covers feature neat little extras like a warm blanket like exterior that can help keep Baby warm if you are traveling in wintry, cold conditions.

Baby Car Seat Covers and Safety

Your baby’s car seat can be the best in the world but if it is installed incorrectly all that safety can be compromised in a second. If you are going to add a detachable baby car seat cover you have to ensure that it fits perfectly and will stay on securely. When shopping for a baby car seat cover if there are specific models or brands listed on the packaging but yours is not on that list, then you can’t assume that it will fit just because the picture on the front of the packaging looks similar to your baby’s seat.

If you are finding it almost impossible to find baby car seat covers designed specifically for the model of car seat you own there are some baby car seat covers available that are designed to be “universal” but be warned, it is very likely that they may not fit well at all.

Baby Car Seat Cover Styles

Mom thinks that an Elmo baby car seat cover would be adorable. Dad on the other hand feels nauseous at the very thought of leaving his other baby (his car) parked in a public place with that kind of thing on display to the world. Don’t they make BMW baby car seat covers? (actually yes they do)

In this situation a compromise is called for and one of the best ways to compromise is to pick out a neutral option that everyone can be happy with.  Most car seat manufacturers have particular options that fit their own car seats and travel systems.  The Graco Metrolite travel system is a popular option, and you can find infant car seat covers that fit their SnugRide car seat.  Fortunately there are hundreds of different baby car seat covers out there in all kinds of colors and designs so Mom and Dad should be able to find one that pleases them both.

The one thing you do want to make sure of is that the baby car seat cover you pick is washable. Sounds like a silly thing to mention but there are in fact some brands on the market (usually at the upper end of the price range) that are dry clean only – an extra expense and hassle that no busy parent needs.

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