Finding the Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer for You and Your Infant

It goes without saying that parents want everything that their babies touch to be as clean as possible, especially if they are going to be eating or drinking from it. This is especially true of baby bottles. Basic bottle washing is good, but many parents also like to take the extra step and sterilize baby bottles between uses, in order to eliminate as many germs as possible.

Decades ago the only way to go about sterilizing baby bottles was to boil them, and boil them for quite a while at that. A very effective method but also a long, drawn out messy process that degraded the baby bottles themselves and shortened their useful life. Then baby bottle sterilizers came along.

A baby bottle sterilizer is now a staple in most homes where baby bottles are used. Not all of them are created equal however. Here are some of our favorites, both in terms of ease of use and value for money:

Babypro Baby Bottle SterilizerThe First Years Steam Sterilizer -  This is something of a heavy duty baby bottle sterilizer. On its three level sterilizing tray there is plenty of room for baby bottles, baby bottle nipples, pacifiers and even small toys like teething rings. The bottles and accessories are sterilized by the power of steam, which is activated when th unit is turned on. Very much the same as boiling the bottles, just without all the mess.

In addition, with all of the recent concern about using BPA free products this baby bottle sterilizer is constructed from plastics that are all guaranteed to be BPA free.

Dr. Brown's Bottle SterilizerDr Brown’s Microwave Steam Sterilizer – Dr Brown’s is a newer line of baby products that was created by a pediatrician with baby’s comfort and safety in mind. Rather than plugging into an electrical outlet this baby bottle sterilizer is designed for use in the microwave instead. It can hold up to four baby bottles and nipples at once and comes with plastic tongues so no ones fingers get scalded removing hot bottles from it after use.

Electric Steam Bottle SterilizerTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Steam Sterilizer -  This handy electric baby bottle sterilizer is both BPA and Phthalate free and works very quickly, sterilizing up to 6 baby bottles in less than 5 minutes. The Tommy Tippee line of baby products may be somewhat unfamiliar to those in the US but British babies have been growing up with their products for decades and recently the company has begun launching several product lines all over the world.

Nurtria Self Sterilizing BottleNurtria BPA Free Self-Sterilizing Baby Bottle – This special baby bottle is perfect for when Baby is away from home and there is no access to the regular baby bottle sterilizer. Using the power of the microwave the baby bottle has been designed to be self sterilizing, so it can be used at the homes of friends and family, at daycare or even out at a restaurant if you have an obliging waitress.

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