Is a Baby Bjorn Bouncer Good for Newborns?

Most parents have at least heard of the Baby Bjorn company and many of them purchase at least one of their products. Bjorn Jakobson founded BabyBjorn AB in 1961, in Bergshamra, Sweden when he was a college student.

Although the company is still a family run one based in Sweden with Mr Jakobsen still involved after half a century, the Baby Bjorn brand has become a worldwide household name over the last almost fifty years. One of their most popular product lines is the Baby Bjorn Bouncer seat, which was also one off their first.

The Baby Bjorn Bouncer and Newborns – Doorway bouncers can be great for older babies but the great advantage of the Baby Bjorn bouncer is that is designed for newborn use as well. Although there are now several different models available the basic design and construction of them is similar. All baby Bjorn bouncer resemble a simple baby seat that features a restraint system that will lock Baby into a semi upright position so that they can see all that is going on around them, something that even the youngest babies enjoy.

The seat is based on a sturdy rocker that is activated by the baby’s own movements. This allows the child to rock themselves to sleep naturally and relives busy parents of having to rock babies for hours to try to get them off to sleep.

Advantages of the Baby Bjorn Bouncer

Since the inception of the company Baby Bjorn have worked with doctors and other medical professionals to help develop their products and make sure that they are as safe and as beneficial to baby and parent alike as possible.

Aside form the convenience of the Baby Bjorn bouncer, allowing as it does parents to keep their children nearby while still having their hands free for other tasks, many of these medical professionals feel that there are other benefits that can be gained from the regular use of Baby Bjorn bouncers. Here are a few of them:

Solving Sleeping Problems – Some doctors say that the Baby Bjorn bouncer is useful for preventing babies becoming too dependent on movement to fall asleep. Since the baby’s own movements are what causes the chair to rock those will cease when Baby does fall asleep, essentially meaning that they are teaching themselves how to fall asleep without too much fuss.

Colicky Babies – Doctors have long recommended that colicky babies be rocked to alleviate their distress and discomfort. The motion of the Baby Bjorn bouncer is smoother and less mechanical than battery-operated bouncers and also parents have the advantage that the Baby Bjorn bouncer can be used for babies from newborn up to 29 pounds.

Portable – Because it is really a very lightweight seat a Baby Bjorn bouncer is easy for parents to take with them when they head out someplace with Baby in tow.

Doctors do warn though that babies should not spend too much time in a Baby Bjorn, or any other bouncer. Instead they say Baby’s time while awake should be divided between between being in the Baby Bjorn bouncer and on the floor: on his tummy, sitting, crawling as well as just simply interacting with their parents by being held.

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