Making Breast Feeding More Convenient with an Avent Breast Pump

As more and more women are becoming educated on the health benefits of breastfeeding for their infants , many women are choosing nature’s way as opposed to the formula way. This is indeed a good idea (there are those studies that have even shown that breast feeding can help Mom lose that baby weight) but breast feeding can become tricky when Mom has to return to work or be away from Baby for a long period of time. That is where a device like the Avent breast pump comes in.

The Benefits of an Avent Breast Pump - Avent are not the only company who make breast pumps but their breast pumps are probably the best known and most widely used. The company offers both manual and electric breast pumps so that is possibly the first choice a new mom will have to make when it comes to picking the right breast pump for her personal needs.

Avent Breast Pump – Manual or Electric?

If the new Mom will be away from Baby only occasionally and her breast milk supply is well established, a simple hand powered breast pump may be all she needs. These breast pumps are small and fairly inexpensive. Mom usually simply only has to squeeze the breast pump’s handle to express the milk.

If Mom is returning to work full time or planning to be have to be away from her infant for more than a few hours a day, she may want to invest in an electric breast pump. Electric pumps stimulate the breasts far more effectively than a manual breast pump does. This helps empty the breasts and protect a womans breast milk supply.

Types of Avent Breast Pump

The Avent Breast Pump comes in three basic different models. The Avent Isis manual breast pump is a popular choice with Moms. It is very easy to set up and use and comes with a durable BPA free bottle included in the package. Many women are impressed with the massaging cushions that simulate an infants suckling action very well.

When it comes to electric breast pumps Avent offer two different choices, a single or a twin Avent breast pump. The twin breast pump is often the best choice for Mom’s who need to use the pump at work where their break time is limited as it gets the job done so much faster than the single pump option.

Avent Breast Pump Pricing

On average the Avent manual breast pump costs between $40 and $60 depending upon the retail outlet and the accessories included in the package. As one might expect the electric pumps cost considerably more. The single pump model costs on average between $100 and $150 while the Avent twin ekllectric breast pump is usually priced somewhere in the region of $200, although you can find all three models for less if you shop around a little.

Some hospitals and home healthcare stores rent electric breast pumps to Moms who do not wish to purchase one outright and because breast feeding is so important many health insurance plans will help offset the cost of the purchase of an Avent breast pump as well.

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