Fun and Educational Activities for 1 Year Olds.

Once that first birthday candle is blown out your baby is officially on their way to toddlerhood and a whole new world.  Both their verbal and motor skills are improving everyday and finding activities for 1 year olds that both amuse and educate becomes an everyday challenge.

Rather than relying on the television and a few random toys to keep your toddler amused here are some activities for 1 year olds that will stimulate and delight your child.

Activities for 1 year olds: Learning is Important – The average 1 year old develops a bigger vocabulary every day. Parents can encourage this with certain fun games and activities that educate as well as amuse.

On a daily basis you should focus on speaking to your child as though they can understand every word you say. Using baby talk will only hinder the development of their vocabulary; the more you speak to them as though they are adults the quicker they will develop their own language skills. Reading to your 1 year old on a daily basis is a great way to both interact with them and help them develop their listening and learning skills.

You can turn even the most basic activities for 1 year olds into a game on a daily basis. Say the names of body parts at bath time and name the food individually at dinner time. While you are busy in the kitchen Put raisins or pieces of cereal into a plastic gallon milk jug and let baby figure out how to empty it. Have a pile of junk mail? Let Baby take care of it. Taking mail in and out of its envelope is a great way to help his or her fine motor skills develop.

Activities for 1 year olds: Toys – The average baby has a great many toys, some better for their development than others. Here are a few of the great ones we have found that are as educational as they are fun:

Super Shapes Dump Truck: This brightly colored truck is a dump truck with a purpose. Using chunky plastic accessories it can be used to teach 1 year olds all about different animals, colors and basic cause and effect. Once Baby has figured out which shape to slot where they can turn them into animal friends. The Super Shapes Dump Truck can be found at Toys R Us and retails for $34.99

Moms On The Phone: This is a cell phone for 1 year olds that saves Mom’s phone from damage. Some of the best activities for 1 year olds encourage babies to discover the concept of cause and effect and this phone does just that. Pressing each one of the big chunky buttons produces something different. The phone plays three different songs, has three different “ring  tones” and even has a record button that can save a message of up to ten seconds long. The phone can be purchased at Wal-Mart for $19.99

Edushape Soft Blocks – Every 1 year old has a lot of fun with blocks. The Edushape soft blocks look just like old fashioned wooden blocks but are actually made from a soft but durable foam making them easier for little hands to handle. They even make great activities for 1 year olds at bathtime more fun as they are completely waterproof and can go right into the bath with baby. The blocks are available at Toys R Us for $34.99.

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